It all started years ago, when we sent a box of samples to Santa. Over the course of December, Santa enjoyed a Grower's Cup coffeebrewer with his Elves every morning, and found it to be a great way to start the day. In Fact, it came to be a very popular treat in the small Christmas factory and was highly appreciated. In January, Santa called and asked us to make a special private label edition. He had gotten an idea about creating a coffee advent calendar for Christmas. And Santa's wish is our command!


What is special about Christmas Advent Calendar?

- Most people love a great cup of coffee in the morning

- People want to be surprised with special and innovative gifts

- Employees will start every day in December in a good mood

- The illustration provides something fun to talk about everyday

- The coffee calendar consists of 25 coffeebrewers from 12 different countries or coffee farms.


Type of coffeebrewers

Honduras, Capucas

Brazil, Ascarrive

Guatemala, Chajulense

Guatemala, Antigua

Ethiopia, Sidamo-2

Columbia, De Altura

Peru, Cajamarca

Costa Rica, Tarrazu

Nicaragua, Nuova Segovia

Indonesia, Sulawesi

Bolivia, Caranavi

Kenya, Zawadi

Christmas Advent Calendar

  • This is pre-order. The Christmas Advent Calendar shall only be delivered to you by end of November 2018. We shall notify you via email or mobile phone on the confirmation of delivery details.

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