Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is usually processed as "washed-process", but the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is exceptionally processed as "Natural" for this time because it is grown amazingly beautiful. Ethiopian coffee is a truly hand grown, hand-picked, washed and dried product which allows small Ethiopian farmers to live and work with dignity.

Taste note: Pink Grapefruit, White Peach, Guava, Berry, Sweet Finish, Complex
Farm: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1,600m - 2,000m
Process: Natural
Roaster: Obscura, Japan
Roasting: Medium, 1st crack 70s
Roasted on: 27 April 2019
Packing: 200g

Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe

  • Whole roasted bean packed in 200g per pack.

2018. VERVE STUFF SDN. BHD. (1237451-A)