The central coffee Region of Kenya has teo harvest seasons, main crop; harvest start from Octobor to December, and the fly crop; harvest start from April to July. This Nyeri area has perfect climates for coffee cherries. Besides, the producers are very hard workers because they faithfully follow the gudelines of coffee management service and take every agricultural seminar and traning. Their quality keep improvig every single time.

Taste note: Cassis, Grape, Black Honey, Juicy, Smooth, Complex, Long-after
Farm: Khatima Factory
Altitude: 1,700m ~ 1,900
Process: Washed
Roaster: Obscura, Japan
Roasting: Medium, 1st crack 130s
Roasted on: 27 April 2019
Packing: 200g

Kenya, Kathima Factory

  • Whole roasted bean packed in 200g per pack.

2018. VERVE STUFF SDN. BHD. (1237451-A)